Ten Things Thursday and a Giveaway!

Wow, I haven't done one of these in a long time.  It's time to get my routine back.  So, here are ten sustainable, environmentally friendly products I absolutely LOVE and have to have.  Some of them are even made in NH and all of them are certified fair trade and/or organic.  But first, a disclaimer:

I do not make money blogging.  None of the products listed below are sponsoring me to do this.  I am not promoting these products in order to get something free in return.  I am doing this only because I absolutely love these products!  I am doing this to show my support for buying local and sustainable products.  All of the links in the list go directly to the actual website and are not connected with me.  If you buy a product after clicking on a link from here, I do not make a single penny!

  1.  J.R. Ligget's Old Fashioned Bar Shampoo.  Ever since discovering this shampoo bar through a blog I follow I have been in love.  Ever since switching to products that do not contain chemicals or animal bi-products or other nasty stuff, my hair has suffered.  I couldn't find a natural shampoo that didn't leave my hair feeling greasy.  Well, I found it and I love it.  The best part about this soap is that is a tiny little bar.  No big giant plastic bottle that you will throw away in a couple of weeks.  I have had this tiny bar for over a month now and it has another month left, I'm sure!  The wrapper is biodegradable.  If you live near me, check out Sunflower Natural Foods and try this soap today!!
  2. Badger SPF 30 Sunscreen.  Again, I searched high and low for a sunscreen that did not contain petroleum or a petroleum based ingredient, but also protected our skin from the harmful UV rays.  When we are going to be outside in glaring sun without hats or clothing to protect us, this is the sunscreen we use.  My blog friend has a great post about sunscreen and a link to find out if the one you are using is safe.  
  3. Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Peppermint Soap.  I have been using Dr. Bronner's since Cameron was born, so 5 1/2 years!  I started with the Baby Mild Liquid Soap.  Cameron and I used it every time we bathed.  Now that everyone is older, we can switch to other kinds.  My favorite is the peppermint.  I like to put a little in the tub when we take baths and use it to wash our fabulous bods, ha ha!  The peppermint is great in the morning.  Wakes me right up!  
  4. Charlie's Soap.  My absolute favorite laundry detergent!  When Cameron was an infant he got some pretty bad rashes.  The pediatrician asked me what kind of detergent we used.  At the time we were using a liquid baby brand.  She suggested I switch to a powder.  She also suggested that we as a country are way too clean and that we should only be using about a tablespoon of detergent in our laundry.  So I switched to Charlie's Soap and have never gone back (except for the two times I bought a local made soap, which I also LOVE).  I use less than a tablespoon per load and the soap lasts for months.  Much longer than the concentrated, terrible for you, your kids, and the environment kind.   Local readers, you can get it at Real Green Goods in Concord, NH or order it online!
  5. Kleen Kanteen.  The original BPA-free, stainless steel water bottle.  We have been using these in our house for over four years and absolutely love them.  We are using our original three.  They last forever.  I never, ever, ever buy bottled water.  It's absurd!
  6. Reusable Produce Bags.  I started with one of these last summer, now I have a bunch.  You can buy them on Etsy or make them yourself.  Super cheap and super easy.  I have been using my grocery totes for a few years now, but I was still bringing home those plastic bags with my produce.  Not anymore!  And pretty soon I'll be bringing them to the farmer's market which really makes me giddy :)
  7. Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap.  My favorite scent is basil.  We have used the dish soap too, and I love it.  As for all the other cleaning products, I don't bother.  It's just vinegar and water in our house!
  8. Granite Ledge Coffee.  Fair Trade coffee roasted right in Canterbury, NH.  The coffee beans are sourced from tropical regions around the world, but the product is certified Fair Trade.  I buy my coffee at my local Sunflower Natural Foods.  And I only make it in my....
  9. Bodum French Press.  I haven't brewed coffee in a plastic coffee maker in over a year.  The french press is great.  There is absolutely no waste!  I even save the coffee grounds for my garden.  Not to mention, the french press coffee is the best coffee I have ever tasted!  Bear with me here, though, as I am not sure how "fair trade" my Bodum is.  It's definitely sustainable and environmentally friendly, but I'm not sure where it is made.
  10. Shopping Bags.  I have been really good about taking a cloth bag with me to every store I go to.  I made my own a while ago that I always have in my purse.  It's working out well!  
So that's it.  Ten sustainable/environmentally-friendly/fair-trade/organic products that I use every day!  

On to the giveaway!  I will be giving away one of these products on Sunday, June 27.  The item will be determined by random.org as will the winner!  The item will be announced on Saturday, June 26.  Until then, it's like a grab-bag.  You have no idea what you are winning, but it is guaranteed to be one of the ten awesome items above!  

The Rules: 

  1. Leave a comment telling me which one of these products you would most like to win.  
  2. For one additional entry, follow my blog.
  3. For TWO additional entries blog about my giveaway on your blog.
  4. I must have a way to contact you, or your entries will not count.
  5. If I cannot contact the first winner, chosen by random.org, I will choose another winner until a prize is claimed.
Good luck!


  1. Bodum french press sounds awesome! That would be a terrific thing to win!

  2. I've always liked your Mrs. Meyers Liquid Soap, it smells great. When my vat-o-liquid soap runs out I think I'm gonna switch.

  3. I really want to try the Charlie's Soap. Thanks for the recommendation! And I'm following you now, so maybe the giveaway will go my way. ;)


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