Hot Day, Let's Play

I don't think I have posted T-Ball photos in a while.  This weekend was Olivia's birthday bash so we had visits from out of town family.  My brother, sister-in-law and niece Evelyn came for the weekend and joined us at the Saturday morning game.

The girls get along for the most part.  They do their share of bickering, but they enjoy each other as well!

I just love the faces Olivia makes.  She is so expressive!  Oh, by the way, we cut her hair :)

Cam's extra wide ready stance.  Oh, and we cut his hair too.  Everyone is ready for summer!

I always get scared that he is going to swing before the player or coach is out of the way, but he never does!

Running to first base.  He runs pretty fast for a little guy.

I adore these photos of him with his coach.  His coach does a great job of making sure he pauses to teach during the game.  He is also great at positive reinforcement to each player on every play!

Cameron is not afraid of the ball at all!  Even if he doesn't catch it he is stopping it with his body.

We are enjoying T-Ball very much.  We even signed him up for football in the fall.  He said he wanted to, so we did it.  I was worried about the pads and the tackling, but for his age they start with flag football.  I think it is perfect!  Not to mention it's the same coach!

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  1. You know, I walked right on by Cameron at first at the party last week. Someone had to point him out to me! I didn't even recognize him with the short hair. Both of them look adorable with their haircuts!


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