On this day in 2007 you came into this world.  A sister, a daughter, a grand-daughter, a great grand-daughter, a niece, a cousin, a friend.  You were instantly loved by many.

You are sweet, gentle and kind.  You love to share your toys with
your friends and your brother (most of the time).  Coloring and 
playing with play-dough are two of your favorite things to do.
You can write two letters of your name.  You color in the lines, but usually
only use one color per page.  

You are funny, strong-willed and full of energy.  You just decided that it will
be okay to go to school next year.  Maybe you will learn the last four letters of your name!
You spoke in complete sentences by the time you were 16 months old.  Now you talk
constantly and love to have long conversations with the people you love.  

You love to push your brother's buttons.  When he says, "Mommy" to ask me a question, you say "Mommy" even though you do not really have anything to say.  This really annoys Cameron.  I think it's kind of funny.  When I finally say, "Yes, Olivia?" you either say, "Ummmm" or "I love you berry much."

You are so cool you even make this hideous M/S Mount Washington hat look good!

You absolutely adore Jackie P.  and that is what you call him sometimes.
You two are very good buds and we know you will be for a very long time.
You love him so much you even pretend he is here playing with you even when he is not.
When he is here the two of you are inseparable!

You love "Olivia the Pig" and in fact you remind us of that silly pig a lot of the time. You keep us on our toes.  You wear us out.  You love us and tell us that every day.  Sometimes you tell us every 5 minutes.  It does not get old.

Your favorite song is still "Mamma Mia" although you are really digging "Chicken Fried" right now.  You love to dance and sing.  You have a very active imagination and you can sit and play on your own for hours.  You love to pretend that things are people.  Your toes, your fingers, a fork and a spoon.  Everything has a voice created by you.

You love to go to church because you are the queen of the nursery!  You just told me you want to take dance lessons again.  Yay!  You love to swim and dig in the sand. You helped me dig and plant our gardens this year and it was so much fun.  You told me you want a baby sister, but I don't see that in our future.  

You love to help around the house.  Folding laundry, hanging laundry on the line, cooking, and cleaning up.  I know this phase will probably end, so I am enjoying it, and abusing it while I can!

You have brought such joy to our lives.  Cameron, Daddy and I love you so much.  Can't wait to see what new adventures "Three" will bring!  


  1. Happy Birthday Miss Olivia! I hope you had a wonderful day!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! She is sooo sweet. And "I love you berry much"... love that!!


  3. Only she could make a Mt. Washington hat look stylish haha. She's adorable. Happy Birthday Olivia!

  4. Just stopping by to say hello... and I don't think her cuteness ever gets old!



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