W.I.P. Wednesday #12

My WIP posts are usually up pretty early in the morning on Wednesdays, but today I was a little delayed.  I wanted to complete last week's WIP before posting a new one.  Olivia's fingerless mittens are done.  They are so cute on her darling little hands, but I want to wait until Daddy comes home to take a picture.  I have a fantastic photo in mind, but I need his help.  But here are both of my kids fingerless mitts (minus their cute little hands) along with this week's WIP:

After completing the fingerless mittens I cast on this pretty Mission Falls 100% merino superwash wool.  It's a plum color and it will become the Odessa hat by Grumperina for my dear friend Renee.  As requested I will be leaving out the beads on this hat.  This should be a nice quick knit as it is the second time I have knit this hat.  Check out my Handmades page to see what I have knit this year and to check out what is "on deck" for the coming weeks!  At some point I would like to try the Odessa hat again with beads.  Maybe for myself?

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