That's What Friends Do

That's the title of Olivia's new favorite book.  It's funny, though, because it is not a new book in our house.  We have had this book for two years.  I read it to Cameron a few times when he got it, and then it landed on the bookshelf for a long time.  Until this week when Olivia pulled it off the shelf, I had forgotten all about it.  It is one of my favorites and is especially speaking to me this week.  Oh, we can learn so much from our children.  All it takes is opening our eyes and ears.

Once I was lost in the woods,
in the woods,
and you found me.

Once I fell down.
I hurt my knee.
You put your arms around me.

Once I was shy-
I didn't know where to go,
until you saw me.

Once I was slow.
I couldn't catch up.
You waited for me.

Once I was afraid of the dark,
of the dark,
and the creatures that hide there.

You didn't laugh, and it wasn't so bad 
with you at my side there.

Once I got mad.
I really yelled.
You got mad, too.

When I stopped being mad,
I felt sad and alone.
I thought I'd lost you.

But I hadn't.

"Want to be friends?"

If you are lost in the woods,
in the woods, 
I will find you.

If you're afraid 
of the cold and the dark,
I'll sit beside you.

I'll wait for you,
I'll share with you,
I'll comfort you,
I'll care for you-
the way you cared for me.

That's what friends do.

"That's What Friends Do" by Kathryn Cave

The hardest part for me was picking up the phone and dialing the phone number.  But once I did and you said, "Hello," everything else was so easy.  It really was like no time had passed and we just picked up where we left off.  Friendship can be easy if you let it.  I know that now.  Thanks for saying "Hello." 

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