Skating Party


On Saturday we were inviting to a party for my co-worker's son.  He turned 5 and all he wanted was an ice-skating party.  My camera and it's inexperienced user captured some decent photos.  

The kids had so much fun!


My friend Lindsay helped Cameron on the ice.  It was only his second time.  He did better than the first time and Lindsay was an excellent coach!



Olivia did not want to skate.  She stayed on the sidelines and cheered her big bro on!  (Notice the "No Skates" sign behind her head.  I thought that was pretty darn cool :)


Cameron was smitten with Lindsay.  So cute!



The after-party opening of the goody bags.  Oh the joy they had with all those plastic toys!  Mommy is so mean and boring ;)

Really though, they have been playing with the plane launcher and letters for the past two days, pretty much non-stop much to my enjoyment!



Skating is fun!  Hopefully next time I will be able to get on the ice.


  1. Good photos! :)

    If you go skating again with Cam- I'd suggest using the milk crates (2 stacked on top of one another)- that way the legs can't slip forward and they get a bit more steady on the skates. Seems to work well! We are going to free skate I think this Sunday at JFK in Manchester if you want to join us. let me know!

  2. Fun! Were you able to rent skates for the kids or do you have your own?

  3. I looked for crates, but they only have the walkers there. I think a couple more times and he'll get the hang of it.

    They rent skates starting at Toddler size 8. I'm going to check Prior Attire today for some sued skates, though.


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