Frugal Friday

It's pay day today!  At the local thrift store, that is.  On the fifth of every month I take a trip to the consignment shop to see if any of my items sold.  If they did, I get a check!  I'm more excited this week than any other because I have decided to use my thrift money on myself.  More than that, though, I am going to use it to purchase thrift store clothing and repurpose them into the latest fashion trends.

I was recently inspired by this post, who was inspired by this post, to become a little more fashionable.  I really suck at fashion.  I am really and truly a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl.  I feel so comfortable in jeans and t-shirts and comfort makes me happy.  But to be completely honest with myself, it does feel nice to get out of my comfort zone and into something girly and twirly and that shows off my cute little figure.

There are many reasons why fashion and I don't get along:

  • I do not shop often.  Shopping has never been, like other women I know, a way for me to unwind.  I don't feel relaxed when I shop. 
  • I am trying to live a sustainable and deliberate life.  Shopping for new clothes at retail and department stores does not fit into that way of life for me.  When you read about where your clothes are made, the chemicals that are put into them and the horrible wages these workers receive, it is really hard to fall in love with a pair of jeans from J. Crew.  Now, if I found a great pair of name brand jeans at a thrift store, that is a different story.  I could fall in love with those because someone already took the guilt out of them for me :)
  • There are a lot fashion trends that I just do not find appealing.  Hideous, actually!  I'll stick to classic fashion, for now.
  • I love me exactly the way I am which makes it very difficult to see the need for change ;)

I will be getting most of my inspiration for my thrifting from my pretty awesome cousin Tina who is living a dream out in Seattle, WA.  She has created quite the business of repurposing thrifted items into gorgeous, very fashionable skirts, dresses and outfits.  What she does is an art form.  I have the skills to imitate at this point, and that is exactly what I will do.  I'm really looking forward to this new thrifting and fashion adventure!

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