Happy Valentine's Day

Alone with the kids on Valentine's Day morning.  'Tis the life of the wife of a firefighter!  It's really fine, though, as we have never really celebrated Valentine's Day as a couple, my husband and I.  One of the things we have always agreed on is not spending money on flowers and chocolates and Valentines gifts.  Every day is Valentine's Day in our marriage (har hardy har!) :)

The kids did spend one evening while I was at work making me cards and a beautiful cake!  Of course they could not contain their excitement and when we awoke in the morning yesterday they told me all about it and gave me my cards a little early.  It was the best Valentines "gift" to date!

Of course, I could not resist giving my two sweet love bugs a little something to celebrate the day with.  Watercolor paints, markers and their very own pouch to store them in.  They were so excited that they stopped eating breakfast and got right to work creating things.

Happy Valentine's Day!!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day!

    Cameron looks hard at work. :)

  2. Love the bib on Olivia!

    Also LOVE the new banner, I've been wanting to do that for a long time on my blog...maybe you've inspired me to finally get around to it...:-)



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