Favorite Photo Friday

February 2008
Mia and Olivia

Earlier this week I went through all the bins of baby clothes (11 of them) and finally parted with 90%.  This was a huge step for me.  This is one of the outfits I had a hard time deciding if I should keep it or thrift it.  Yes, it is hideous, but for a month it was one of the only things that fit her between seasons, so she wore it a lot!  I ended up putting it in the thrift bag.  (Lucky you, friends who just had or are about to have a baby girl!)


  1. I have bins and bins of baby clothes...I'm not there yet, still hoping to pass them to my sister *sigh*

    How little our girls look!

    Thanks for dinner last night...it feels great to spend time together (no matter how craaaazy my kids get!)...

  2. Oh, I'd forgotten how adorably chubby Olivia's cheeks were!! So kissable!

    I love that sweatshirt! So bright and vibrant! :)


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