No TV November - Day 13 of 30

There were five children in my care today.  5!  Yup, that's right.  Two of my own plus three more equals five!!!  Today was eventful to say the very least.  Just keeping track of all those kids was an event in itself.  I am happy to report that the three diapered children all had frequent diaper changes.  All five children were fed on a regular basis and everyone of them was supervised!  Success!

Our day ended with a lovely dinner with our friends Anna, Jen and Brett.  My darling husband is not really on board with my Vegan cooking, but he chokes it down with a smile.  I invited some friends over who I thought might enjoy my cooking.  I made a yummy artichoke dip for an appetizer.  It was delicious and vegan.  My lovely dinner guests thought so too (well, the grown up ones, anyway.)  Dinner was a broccoli, cashew, teriyaki, tofu stir-fry over brown rice.  Yum!  Then for dessert I made some cookies.

Cameron was very excited about these cookies.  He told Jen, "Mommy made cookies.  They taste like the toothpaste at the dentist!"  Ooooh, don't those just sound delicious?  Quite the salesman my cute little boy is.  The cookies were actually 5-Spice Almond cookies and they were delicious and also vegan.  Aside from the whole wool issue I am really enjoying a vegan lifestyle.

We had a wonderful evening chatting and eating and playing.  Anna took a strong liking to Damien and we all chuckled whenever she called him by "name".  "Hey guy, come here!"  It was so cute!

Another successful No TV November day made all the better by the company of good friends and delicious food!

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  1. Wow...5 kids!! Wonder what that's like?? :) Good for you. Not surprised that you could handle it so well. Really, after two...what's another three?? The toughest part is usually staying on top of diaper changes...but having said that...they usually help entertain each other. Good for you!! Sounds like you had fun!


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