Ten Things Thursday

Ten things needed to update our house:

  1. Clean all the junk out of the attic.  Almost a year ago we cleaned and organized our entire attic.  We had a couple of yard sales and made a junk pile.  The yard sale stuff is all long gone.  The junk pile (a pretty big pile) is still sitting there, untouched.  It needs to go.  Our plan for one half of our attic is to turn it into a play room.  Yes, we have a play room, but we would like to have a guest room too.  
  2. Put railings on our stairs.  Four years ago my brother helped us redo our front porch.  We added a new set of stairs.  Those stairs still do not have railings.  It's rather annoying.
  3. Put railings on our stairs.  I know, I just said that.  Five years ago, when we moved into the house, we put stairs going down off of our back deck.  Those stairs still do not have railings.  It's rather annoying.
  4. Fix the roof.  Yes, a mighty big task, but it can be done.  I come from a family of carpenters.  We just need to buy the roofing materials.  I'm afraid it won't last the winter.
  5. Update the bathroom.  Beware, I might sound a little bit like a nag for this one.  When we moved into our house, the bathroom (the only bathroom) was pretty hideous.  We made some pretty minor updates to make it functional.  The floor had stone patio tiles and they were all falling apart.  I knew we needed to replace those.  I told my darling hubby that we should wait until we could gut out the entire bathroom and fix the whole thing at once.  He didn't listen.  Three updates later and the bathroom is still quite hideous.  It's really time to do it right.
  6. Sand and refinish the hardwood floors.  They are just gross.
  7. Redo the kids bedrooms.  It has been a few years, but the real reason is so I can give them incentive to get out of our bed.  I'm tired...
  8. Just a little landscaping.  Not much, just a few bushes here and there would really make the house look nice.
  9. A second bathroom.  OK, now I know I am really pushing it.  But we really do need a bathroom upstairs.  Especially when the kids are older and are spending more time in there.
  10. New doors.  Our house is old and drafty.  We insulated, sided and replaced all the windows.  That helped a lot.  Now we need some new doors.  I'm tired of heating the outside!
That's it.  It's not too bad, is it?


  1. I like your Ten Things Thursday. It's important to have goals. You should look on craigslist for doors-- I found a ton of them on there all new and really inexpensive when I was looking to make a headboard!

  2. Anytime you guys need help with those; I'm volunteering.


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