Favorite Photo Friday

Cameron, January 18, 2005. Almost 3 weeks old. Fischer and Sydney both adjusted well to our new addition. I just love this photo.


  1. Amanda, You have such a beautiful family. Went to your blog via Michelle's and found such wonderful pictures. You and the family have such great times together. Keep at it. With a mom and dad like you have, there are more times coming. Sorry to hear of your 'falling out' with what you thought was such a good friend. Better to have known than to not have known. Keep in there - enjoy those little guys - whoops- the little one (destined for the stage - tell Elaine-) and the BIG guy, the next Pele! Enjoy!

  2. That's about how he looked when I met him for the first time, such a super cutie! What a sweet picture :)


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