The Olivia Show

OK, so it was really Cameron's rec soccer program, but Olivia did her best to steal the show.  This week Grammy and Paw Paw came to cheer Cameron on (and apparently take photos of Olivia).

Cameron played a game called Sharks and Minnows.  Cameron had a lot of fun being a shark.  He got to kick the ball away from all the other kids.

This time we left Cameron's soccer ball at home.  Last week, Cameron was so worried that someone would take his ball that he was having trouble concentrating on anything else.

While Cameron played soccer, Olivia was busy entertaining the crowd and her Grammy and Paw Paw.  Since she is potty-trained, none of her pants quite fit her well.  While last week she tried to tear my shirt off exposing my ugly blue bra to all the other Moms and Dads, this week she was mooning all the spectators and players.  Every time she ran, jumped or bent over her pants (and underpants) would fall down.

After watching her brother play for a few minutes she decided it was time for Paw Paw to take pictures of her. 
 "Now take one of me doing this." Commence silly pose.
Of course, with ALL the photo taking we were sure to capture a few really cute ones.
Cameron pauses for a water break.



  1. Olivia is hilarious. She's bursting with personality.

    Glad Cameron is enjoying soccer!

  2. Watch out...you've got a little model on your hands! :) So cute!


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