Apples and Friends

Today Olivia, Cameron and I went apple picking with some of our friends. It was so much fun. As the children get older there are certain activities that become more fun to do with them. This is one of them.

Cameron picks the apples all by himself. This orchard was great because the apples were all very low. We have to thank Gail from the library for teaching us how to pick the apples!

Maria did the heavy lifting.

Olivia and her new friend Anna taking bites.

The kids got their faces painted. Of all the fall choices (pumpkin, apple, leaf, etc.) Olivia picked a big black spider. That's my girl!

After getting an apple on his left cheek, Cameron opted for a spider too!

Group photo time. These four really enjoyed sitting on the pumpkins.

Ooops! The pumpkins fell over!

We didn't want Brayden to feel left out, but I don't think he would have minded. Poor thing!

Cameron adores Bryan. He thinks he's cool. (I haven't spoiled it for him, yet).

What a fun day! When we got back in the car with Anna and Jen, Olivia said, "I want to go to your house." Our self-invitation was graciously accepted. We played for another hour with all their cool toys. I feel so blessed to have found (or been found by) this great group of people!


  1. Looks like a fun time, I just love apple picking! Happy fall to you and your family!


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