Friday Nights... Sort Of

For the past few months I have been pretty good about planning out our meals for the week, so we only have to go to the grocery store once. Our new weekly tradition in the Sevin household is to have pizza and/or leftovers and a movie every Friday night. The kids absolutely LOVE it! I'm usually the only one who eats leftovers, the kids and Damien eat pizza. It's also one of the very few times during the week that Cameron is watching TV now, which I love. He doesn't even ask to turn on "Kids Shows" anymore, and Olivia only asks for "Frosty" and "The News".

We bring the kids table and chairs into the living room and watch a movie while we eat. The reason it is "Friday Nights...Sort Of" is because on the Friday nights that Damien has to work (boo) then we switch it to Saturday.

Last week, Damien picked out the movie. He insisted that "Journey to the Center of the Earth" would be fine for the kids and that Cameron would love it. I was very hesitant. He was right, Cameron did love it, but Mommy's instinct was also right. It was a little scary. There were a few scenes where Cameron would reach up and just touch my shoulder, just to make sure I was there and that nothing could hurt him. It was a good movie, though, and there have been no negative lasting effects. But, this week, I am choosing the movie!


  1. Movie nights sound fun-- I may have to borrow your idea. :) Good quality family bonding time!

  2. Too cool, Amanda. :) I hope you continue to enjoy your movie nights as long as you can. They grow up SO fast!


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