Dinner with Family

When Cameron awoke from his nap yesterday he asked me if we could do something fun. My first thought was, "Hey, what do you mean? We always do something fun!" Instead, I said, "Sure!" To which Cameron replied, "I want to go to Grammy's house." Olivia quickly chimed in with, "Paw Paw's house." So, I called Damien to set it up. I was already making lasagna so I suggested inviting them over for dinner. Damien called back and told me we were all set so I told Cameron that Grammy and Paw Paw were coming over for dinner. He looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, "No, I want to go to their house." So, I called Damien to see if we could bring the lasagna to their house. Of course, they said yes!

After a delicious meal, Grammy brought out the special cookies she got for the kids. As I mentioned when they were eating them, I knew there was a reason I said no to Cameron when he asked for a peice of his Halloween candy that afternoon! These cookies were huge, and were called "Frosted Sugar Cookies" which we all got good chuckle over. Especially after I told my story of how Cameron threw a fit when I told him no to candy. He stood in the middle of the kitchen and said, "But I want sugar!" Good times.

Anyway, the cookies were a boy and girl pilgrim, and the kids LOVED them. Thanks Grammy and Paw Paw! (And thanks for the photos, I forgot my camera)

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  1. Sugar topped sugar...the perfect end to any meal :)

    by the way, I love your new picture up top, very cute!


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