Why I'm Not Mad at Motrin Anymore

I have always been, and always will be, someone who takes responsibility for my actions, right or wrong. People who know me know that when I realize I have wronged someone, I apologize right away. You don't have to wait and you know I will never hold a grudge. That being said, I know I would be a better person if I didn't do things I needed to apologize for, but I am human and I make mistakes.

So this is why I am not mad at Motrin anymore:

Nov 20th

So…it’s been almost 4 days since I apologized here for our Motrin advertising. What an unbelievable 4 days it’s been. Believe me when I say we’ve been taking our own headache medicine here lately!

Btw - if you’re confused by this - we removed our Motrin ad campaign from the marketplace on Sunday because we realized through your feedback that we had missed the mark and insulted many moms. We didn’t mean to…but we did. We've been able to get most of the ads out of circulation, but those in magazines will, unfortunately, be out there for a while.

We are listening to you, and we know that's the best place to start as we move ahead. More to come on that.

In the end, we have been reminded of age-old lessons that are tried and true:

When you make a mistake - own up to it, and say you’re sorry.

Learn from that mistake.

That’s all... for now.


Kathy Widmer
VP Marketing
McNeil Consumer Healthcare

I really like this lady!

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