The Sandwich Fair

My Mom asked me the other day what I was looking forward to most about the fair. I didn't have an answer except "Absolutely everything!" From pulling into the parking lot and getting out of the car to hiking our exhausted bodies back and everything in between. This year there was one thing I was looking forward to that I never did in prior years and that was buying local wool yarn. I've always looked at it and the beautiful hand knit hats and scarves and have imagined myself knitting one day. Well, now I am a knitter and I couldn't wait to buy some beautiful yarn.

Let's run down who was in attendance... Cameron, Olivia, Damien, myself, Nana, Tyler, Kim, Tom, Mia, and Ben. Meeting us later were Mimi, Dottie (Kim's Mom) and Carol (Tom's Mom). We arrived at the Fair on Sunday just after 9 a.m. when the air was still cool and crisp. Dressed in layers, we headed through an entrance of an area we had never been: tractor pull! We always look at the animals first. The kids always love the goats! I admire the farmers for the love and care that goes into raising their animals. It's not like having a dog or a cat, it's a full-time job, not to mention getting up before the sun!

Last year I had Olivia in the Maya Wrap, she was only 4 month old... sniff! This year she, and everything we brought with us, were in the Deuter Kid Carrier I. It was heavy, but Olivia had a great view of the fair and all the animals from up there. I love this photo of her saying "Cow", but please don't mind her crusty nose! Note the beautiful purple hat my mom bought at one of the craft booths for $3. Love it and can't wait to make one myself!

For the first time Cameron and Mia got to ride the ponies. Just look at the pure joy on Cameron's face, he had so much fun! Maybe next year we will let Olivia on, but she's a crazy little kid and we didn't think she was ready :)

Fair food is like no other! It's the one of the few times that I let go and eat as much junk as I want to without feeling guilty about it. Let's run down the list without assigning it to anyone.
  • one hotdog
  • two jumbo hot dogs
  • one pulled-pork sandwich
  • one large fresh cut fries
  • one small fresh cut fries
  • one fried dough
  • one corn dog
  • two colossal onions
  • three veggie burritos
  • one slice of pizza
  • one italian sausage sub
  • three lemonades
  • one fried Twinkie (pictured above right)
I will claim a veggie burrito and sharing of both orders of fries. Fair goers who read this blog, feel free to claim any of the other items or remain anonymous. Tom is outed with the fried Twinkie.

We stayed at the Fair for many hours. The kids were exhausted and so were the adults. We all went back to Dottie's house for munchies and wine and some relaxation and wonderful conversation and company. Looking forward to next year!

And here is some Benji and Olivia cuteness to complete the post...


  1. Ummm yeah it was fun! Hmmmm, Tom didn't tell me about the twinkie!

  2. Looks like you all had a great time! I have great memories of my childhood with going to fall fairs and I'm sure Cameron and Olivia will remember these times for the rest of their lives! : )


  3. Looks like you had a great time at the fair. I love the last picture of Olivia - too cute!

  4. Don't forget 2 Jumbo Donuts, another Corn Dog & an Ostrich Burger. And what about the Meetinghouse Sodas?


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