My Sweet Boy

Last night, Cameron wanted to help me knit. So I took out my extra needles and the yarn from his rhino costume and let him have at it. He was so cute. He loves to do crafts with me and this was no exception. So we sat on the couch together and knitted. After a while he got up and found a basket in the play room and put his knitting supplies inside. He came out and said, "Bye Mom, I'm going to knitting class!" and turned and walked away. A few minutes later he came out with his basket and said, "Hey Mom, can I...

...be a ballerina and knit?"

"Of course, sweetie, you can be anything your heart desires!"

Here he is knitting with his Mommy. And that's the sweater I am knitting for Olivia!


  1. Too cute :) I love the ballerina knitter! The sweater looks awesome, where did you get the pattern?

  2. I love the ballerina knitter too! Sweater is looking good - hope knitting class went well. See you Saturday!


  3. Very sweet, indeed!

  4. Good job Amanda and Cameron! The sweater is coming along great. Can you make one for me?? :)

  5. It's been awhile since I've been able to read some blogs...it was a cute one to catch up on! It's so awesome when your kids just enjoy doing whatever it is you are doing...no matter what it is! :)


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