Weekend Update

I've never really been an SNL watcher, but lately, for reasons I do not need to explain, I have been a fan! So, I'm stealing one of their titles for my blog post!

This weekend was fabulous! I didn't take out the camera once because we all need a break every once in a while. On Saturday my parents came to town and we did some outlet shopping and went out to dinner. My Mom bought Olivia and Cameron their Christmas outfits and some other wonderful clothes. Thanks so much Mom, you are the greatest!

On Sunday, Damien and I took a much needed break from outings and hung around the house. My darling husband took the kids outside to do some more raking while I stayed inside to do laundry and knit. Olivia's sweater and scarf are coming along quite nicely. I will take a photo tonight after class as I will be splitting the sweater for the sleeves, so it will actually look like something!

After naps we walked to Opechee Park so the kids could play on the playground they have there. We stopped at Melnick's and bought the kids their slippers. I was looking online for Acorn slippers because they are the absolute greatest. I picked the styles and before buying them decided to check locally. Well, Melnick's had both of the styles and sizes I wanted. I saved on shipping and supported our local economy at the same time.

On the way to the park Cameron asked where we were going. Damien replied, "To the playground that has the tall slide." To which Cameron stated, "I know which one you are talking about. The one at the beach!" My observant little boy!

We met a mother and her two sons there. They were sweet little boys, 3 and 7. Cameron had his popper gun and was sharing it with them. I commented to the Mom that Cameron plays with little girls most of the time, but as soon as a little boy comes along he is all boy. They were running around shooting the imaginary "Wolfman" and being so sweet with each other. After sharing stories, the other Mom and I realized that we live in the same neighborhood and we made plans for a play date! She also shared that she just lost her husband in July. Made me realize how important it is to live each day to the fullest and not let the little things get in the way of loving and laughing with your family.

That evening, Grammy came over so Damien could cook her lobsters. Thanks for the lobster, Mom, it was delicious! Cameron and Olivia played puzzles and babies with Grammy while I finished knitting. I'm sure Grammy is exhausted this morning, they are tough to keep up with :)

That's our weekend update. Stay tuned for more later on this week!

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