Fresh Fall Leaves

I have been preparing Cameron for the changes of the seasons. We have been reading books about fall and he is so fascinated to see the leaves turning and falling to the ground. It means to him that winter and snowmen are just around the corner!

On Monday we did a little raking in the front yard and the children enjoyed playing in the leaves. Note in a few photos Cameron is holding his toy crane which he promptly lost in the leaf pile. We had a fun time messing up the pile looking for it.

Again, pure joy on the faces of my children. I couldn't ask for anything more!


  1. These pictures are great! And I love Olivia's cute hat. :)

  2. No wonder you LOVE fall! Look at those sweet children having the time of their little lives. :)

    Everytime I think they can't get any cuter... they do!

  3. I love those pictures--they look so happy! Your header picture also came out beautiful.

  4. We love playing in the leaves... Awesome pictures!!

  5. Happiness is truly letting go and playing in the leaves! Love the first pic of Olivia- perfect for a "cutest toddler" photo entry.

    So- I meant to tell you-- Cole has fire safety week at preschool and when I reminded him at breakfast today that Uncle Damien is a firefighter, his eyes got really big and round. He thinks his uncle is really cool! : )

  6. Adorable...I love the pics! Fall is the best season isn't it?

  7. Olivia is so expressive! Great photos.


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