Super Kids

Cameron and Olivia have been playing so well together as of late. Their new thing they love to do together is be Superheroes. This has been a favorite game of Cameron and Mia's for a long time, but it's so cute to see the little ones join in. In fact, Thursday evening, after dinner with the Lynch clan, we all had superhero capes on, including "grownups" and Benji. Kim, you have to keep your camera charged :)

Here is a photo of my kids doing the superhero thing:

I know you are probably sick of me saying how cute and wonderful I think my kids are, but I can't help it! I know you all think the same thing about yours!

Look at the gorgeous smile on this one! She says cheese now every time she sees a camera. What a ham! Notice her baby in her sling. She has also started "nursing" her baby, it's so cute!

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