Free Fun

What's the best kind of fun? The free kind! Katrina invited me to join Ethan, Aidyn and her in Boscawen at a chiropractor's office for an outdoor carnival of sorts. We had a lot of fun! There was a ball "rocket" pit, a silly clown, amphibious animals on display and free food. They even had veggie burgers! The kids all had a blast together. Cameron went on the Slip-n-slide when we were leaving which I didn't get photos of, but I think Katrina did. Maybe she'll post them :)

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  1. Hi Amanda - You were SOOOO close to my house - a stone's throw away really!

    I should have brought Jaydin to that - I think he would have had fun!

    The kids are getting so big - and you still look SO happy! :)


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