No Way! It Can't Be!

Olivia is 11 months old today! What the heck! One month until she turns 1! Check her out in Cameron's old Red Sox hat. She looks so cute!

Olivia tries really hard to stand up without pulling up on anything. When she is holding on to something she will let go, turn and take 1-3 steps before stopping and easing herself down to sit. I don't have video of that yet. To be honest, I am too amazed and don't think to run and get the video camera. I love to just watch her. Maybe sometime when Damien and I are home together (which is much more often now!) we will capture the moment.

Olivia has quite the personality. She has this really silly side of her and loves to make Cameron laugh. She still makes lots of noise, both with her voice and with her hands. She also has quite the little vocabulary. Mama, Dada, dog, hi, Grampa (bumpa), Nana, and Fischer (feeshfeesh) are among her favorites. Olivia also loves to imitate Cameron. In the car, Cameron will make a noise, and Olivia will follow with the same noise, inflection and all. Cameron loves it and it entertains the both of them for short ventures to the store.

Olivia is still our eating champ, while Cameron has gone on a hunger strike. She loves asparagus, bananas, veggie burgers, chicken, crackers...basically anything you put in front of her, she will eat.

When Olivia wants to be picked up, she crawls towards you, stops and thrusts her arms in the air, palms out. I call it her "jazz hands". It's so cute, I have to stop what I'm doing and scoop her in my arms and cuddle her. She does still prefer me, but reaches out to other people as well, especially her Nana.

Olivia is still the "chill" baby she has always been. When chaos ensues all around her, she just sits playing with her toys, glancing up for a moment or two, but perfectly content not being a part of the drama. Sometimes she does need to make her presence known and might feel a little left out. She puts on this little pout and scrunches her nose and eyes, and fake cries. It's so cute.

I love life with two, and enjoy every waking moment of our new adventure with four, soon to be five, during the day!


  1. LOVE the hat. I love putting the "boys stuff" on Bekah. It's just too cute!! She is officially wearing their old 12 mos. jeans, "dressed up" with some sort of "girly" shirt. Hehehehe...it's so fun to watch them grow.

    I'm glad that being a stay-at-home-mommy is working so well for you. I've had my moments, as any mommy does, but I wouldn't trade it for anything...well maybe a large D&D iced coffee now and then...but that's it!! :)

    Thanks for your kind words the other day...I hope you continue to comment on my blog, as I look forward to reading whatever you have to say. It was awesome talking to you, hopefully we can plan a get together some time soon!

  2. Can't believe how fast time flies, can you? She is adorable!


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