Cameron Update

When you have a baby you tend to give monthly updates because that is how books and doctors and other parents measure growth. Here, though, it looks like I'm leaving Cameron out a lot. So I thought I would give everyone a much needed Cameron update.

Cameron is such a wonderful boy. I thought he might get tired of me being home all the time, but just the opposite happened. He is more attached to me than ever! He definitely has two different personalities. There is one for when he is home with anyone he is truly comfortable with, and then there is the one for when he is around people he doesn't know that well. With us, he can be defiant, ornery, and a little hyper. He is on his very best behavior around strangers. Excuse me, please and thank you are almost overused. Around other family and friends he is fun, active, pleasant and just a joy to be around. I guess he is a typical three year-old.

He has officially gone on a hunger strike. He barely eats anything at all. We try not to push because it makes it worse, so we'll just see how it progresses. He still eats PB&J, crackers and fruit, but refuses to eat dinner. I can't figure it out! All his pants are falling down!

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  1. Amanda - both of your kids are just the sweetest. Cameron is just SO boy. I loved spending time with him at your candle party. He was truly entertaining. I'm so glad that you are able to spend more time with him and Olivia. That's one thing you will never regret.

    About the hunger strike - Nikki ate mayonnaise sandwiches (on white bread) for at least a year. She's still here and doing fine. It'll pass - and he'll be on to the next phase of growing up. :)


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