Take a Hike!

This morning we got up early, not unusual, and headed out to Belknap Mountain for a hike. We were planning to do Mount Major, but felt we were not quite up to the challenge yet! And boy, were we right! We hike about 2.5 miles total. I carried Cameron part of the way up in the backpack, but had to hand him off to Daddy to finish the hike. We got to the top and there was a park ranger tower we took turns climbing. We didn't get photos of the view because it was so foggy, but what we could see was amazing. Next time we go we hope it will be more clear. We did get photos of Cameron having a great time running around on top of the mountain. We had a snack and then headed down another trail toward Piper Mountain. I carried Cameron on the way down. It was harder than it looked!

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  1. Great photos, Amanda! Looks like fun! I can't wait to take hike around the "Kanc" this fall!


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