Here are just a few of the many favorite moments, both his (or what I think were his) and mine! The talking tree house. What do you call a group of scared trees?... A petrified forest! Ha!

One of my favorites. On a side note, Cameron has discovered his shadow and has taken to interacting with it. It's pretty funny!

He just loves a good solid bridge. He would walk over it all day if we let him!

The "Three Little Pigs". I'm pretty sure he liked them, but I thought they were darn cute.

And, of course, the "Big Bad Wolf" and Nana!

Cameron likes balls? No way!

Swan Boats with Mommy and Daddy, once Damien could figure out how to drive it!

This is a photo of us on the Swan Queen boat ride. He looks angry in this picture, but I swear he had a great time!

Waiting for the train. We told Cameron the train was coming, so he said "Train coming!" It didn't come for about ten minutes, but he kept saying "Train coming" over and over again. It was really cute!

Damien and Cameron on the train paying tribute to Uncle Nate!

And Cameron in awe again on the Safari ride.

Another wonderful family day!

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