19/365: One of Those Days

I love my job.  I love the company I work for.  What I love most is that it is an escape from what I am going through in my personal life.  I can go to work and just focus on tasks and talk to new friends and not have to worry about the divorce.

Today, however, was not an easy day for me.  At the end of my shift my co-worker placed her latex glove on the counter like this:

This sums up my day.  I apologize for being a downer.  I am fine now, but this is the only picture I took today and it sums it up quite perfectly for me.

Tomorrow is a new day.  I will make it a good one!


  1. Thinking about you Amanda, and praying you have a better day today :)

  2. maybe this person was implying a proctology exam was in oder!!Stay strong,time heals!!:)

  3. Ouch! Hope today was a better day.

  4. Wow! I can't believe that, and I am so so sorry. I hope you are ok. Let me choke a bitch for you. Sorry about the stalking ;)


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