Day 312 - October 10th, 2011, Cannon Mountain

I missed another day and I didn't even realize it.  Looks like another 365 project in my future!  

I have been hiking a lot lately.  I don't like to make excuses, and really it is not a good one, but I think I take on too many projects.  On 10/10 I hiked Cannon Mountain.  This was another solo hike and 4000-footer #11.  The hike was short, but very steep.  It was Columbus Day weekend, so it was busy in Franconia Notch.  I got there early enough that I found a parking space, but when I came down off the mountain the place was a zoo!

This was one of my views on the way up the mountain.  I have no idea what these berries are, but they were just hanging out with the mountains behind them.

A ladder going up one of the rock faces.  Yes, it was this crooked, but also very stable.  Coming down was scary, but I took a photo with my camera doing that.

I beat book time by almost two hours.  It was extremely windy at the top, and very cold.  Had I been hiking with someone I may have spent a little more time at the top, but I ate lunch and headed right back down and went to work that night.  I was a little tired, but it was worth it!

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