Day 298 - Naked Crayons

A few weeks ago I took the kids to our new favorite breakfast place in Greenland.  The waitresses there are getting to know us and really enjoy the kids.  On that particular visit, the kids were fighting over what we now call "the naked pink crayon".  Basically it is a crayon that had its paper peeled off.  Olivia wanted to use it, but Cameron was using it and of course, taking his time using it because he knew Olivia wanted it.  So, I took another pink crayon, made it naked and gave it to Olivia.  Problem solved!

A few days ago I took Olivia to the restaurant on our day off together.  She looked in the crayon bucket and announced, "Mommy!  Look!  It's my naked pink crayon."  She then found all the other crayons in the bucket that were naked and told the waitress the colors, "Naked pink, naked gray, naked blue and naked green."  The waitress thought we should send our ideas in to Crayola!

Later that day Olivia and I went to Target and bought a pack of crayons with the sole intention of making them all naked.  It was a very nice 45 minute activity.  Now she has all the naked colors of the rainbow!


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