Day 273 - August 30th, First Day

I am just loving the milk dripping down the chin.  The funniest part is that he doesn't seem to notice and never wipes it off!

So the first day of first grade for Cameron.  We are in a new town and he is going to a brand new school, but he doesn't seem phased at all.  He was so excited that we were ready an hour before school was set to start.  I had to go to work so I guess I rushed the getting ready thing so that I could take a picture.  When I was done snapping the shots they kids were about to get in the car.  I had to break the news that school didn't start for another hour.  Should have taken a picture of the disappointment on their faces.

They are typical siblings.  One minute they love each other to pieces and the next they want to tear each other to pieces.  I am glad that this day they decided on the former.

The sweetness continues in my home.  No matter what I am feeling, no matter how difficult my situation seems at times, I have these two and nothing else matters.  They bring joy to my life every single day.


  1. i just noticed that finn got the same backpack for school... and i was really really close to getting the one like olivia for sadie.

  2. They are absolutely precious! I love the last two pictures, particularly of Cameron looking at Olivia!!


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