Day 268 - August 25th - Solo

A couple of weeks ago I hiked the Tripyramids.  My second solo hike. The hike was 9.6 miles and it rained the whole time.  The great thing about hiking the Tris in the rain is that there isn't a view at the peak, so I didn't miss out on anything at all!

I should probably also tell you that I worked from 9:30 p.m. to 4 a.m. the day before, slept for 45 minutes and then drove to the trail head AND I was planning a two day hike.  Tripyramids for 9.6 miles the first day and Whiteface and Passaconaway for 11.2 miles the next day.

I did not take my D90 on this trip.  All the photos are taken with my silly little camera phone.  The Tripyramids are usually hiked on the Tripyramid Trail going up the North Slide and down the South Slide.  This trail is difficult in good weather conditions.  I decided that I would not chance it and chose to hike the Pine Bend Brook Trail off of the Kancamagus Highway.  I'm glad I did.

The first couple miles of the hike followed these beautiful babbling brooks.  The sound of the water was so calming and peaceful.  The trail crossed the brooks multiple times, but the water was low and the rocks were dry.  When I entered the Sandwich Wilderness there was a sign that cautioned that the trail would be difficult, steep, unmarked and potentially hard to follow.  They were not joking!  But once I got past the steep part it was a great rainy day hike.

I reached this crossroads in the path and sat down on a rock to have a snack.  I just happened to take my map out so I could check how many miles I had left and I realized I was at the peak of North Tripyramid.  Yup, the peak is a fork in the trail.  Good thing I took out the map or I never would have known!

There were points along the hike where I was feeling pretty tired.  But every time I came across a scene like the one below I would be renewed!  Something about seeing a sign makes me really really happy when I am hiking :)

And the beautiful summit of Middle Tripyramid.  Wow! :)  It was an awesome adventure.  I enjoy my solo hikes.  I love being alone in the woods for hours.  I am a little bit scared at first, but once I am lost in the rhythm of my steps and the sounds of the woods, nothing else matters.  The sense of accomplishment I feel at the end is a nice reward!

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  1. Your so awesome...what A great accomplishment Amanda!!! I just did Chocorua my self and it was really a great bonding experience with the 3 of me..(Me, Myself, and I)...I Loved it...I can see why you enjoy it so.


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