Day 234 - July 22nd, Fair Rides Make Me Sick

If you are new to my blog or you missed a post or two a few months ago, my family and I recently moved.  We are renting the ranger house inside of a public park.  On Thursday the local fair began.  It runs through the weekend.  I won't have any problem finding something for my 365 project!

I have very fond memories of going to our local fairs when I was a tween and teenager. I remember really enjoying the rides. I don't know when it happened, but I don't like rides anymore. Even the ferris wheel makes me queasy, especially if it were going as fast as it looks like in the photo ;) 

This is the view from my porch for the next two nights. Only two more days of it. I am actually kind of sad. It was not annoying at all, but fun and entertaining! I don't think I will get sick of living here anytime soon! 


  1. Great shots Amanda. What an interesting place to be living. Have fun!

  2. LOVE the ferris wheel! Gorgeous shot!


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