Day 213 - July 1st, "Strega Nona"

Our new rental house comes complete with entertainment. The park that we are living in has a summer concert series. They also have some children's events including "The Little Red Wagon" Theater Company out of UNH. This year's production is Strega Nona, which happens to be one of my kids' favorite books. Pretty awesome!

Here are the kids taking in the show.  They were mesmerized!

A glimpse of the play.  This is the original "Strega Nona" book.  The kids also love the Christmas one and "Strega Nona Takes a Vacation."  They really enjoy when I read them with my horrible Italian accent.  We all really enjoyed Big Anthony and Bambelona; they were hilarious!

Even though the park is our home, when there is an event we cannot leave right away.  We have got to take time for a little rolling.  This hill is going to be fantastic in the winter!!

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