Ten Things Thursday - Wishful Thinking

I am simplistic, which I believe to be the opposite of materialistic.  I do not enjoy shopping.  I find "fashion" to be very overrated.  I enjoy classic comfort and style.  A pair of jeans, a black t-shirt and some flip-flops and I am in heaven.  Maybe you think I am plain or that my style is outdated, but that is okay because I am happy just being me.  As Oscar Wilde puts it, "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." 

This does not mean that I do not have a wish list for things that I do not really need.  I guess this is why they are called "wish" lists.  For me it is definitely a "wishful thinking" list because there are quite a few that are beyond frivolous for my simplistic attitude.  I mean, I do have to feed my kids.  But, oh, to just get my hands on a new wide-angle lens would make this simple girl very, very happy!  Don't get me wrong, I do plan on owning everything on this list someday, it just might take me 10 years to mark this list as complete!

  1. Nikon 10-24 mm Wide-Angle Zoom Lens:   I think my next lens needs to be wide-angle.  I am very limited with the lenses I have now.  My 50mm is my favorite, but it is not wide enough to take scenery shots.  There is a Tamron 10-24mm lens that is comparable and less expensive, but my heart is set on the Nikon.  I will have to add this to my 10-year plan!
  2. Nikon 105mm Macro Lens:  I know, real simplistic of me.  This is another big-ticket item, but one that will open a new photographic world to me!  Someday...
  3. Cameron Lens Mug: OK, this is a little more in my price range, but my frugal nature just will not allow my finger to click "add to cart" on this.  $30 could buy Cameron a new bicycle helmet, which his big head is in desperate need of!
  4. Bolle Sunglasses:  Back when I used to hike, rock climb and cycle a lot, I had a great pair of Bolle sunglasses.  I actually inherited them from my first marriage.  Don't worry, my ex-husband and I are friends again, so I think I can write about it.  He found the sunglasses in his stash one day when we were on our way out and they fit me perfectly.  This is rare with me and sunglasses.  I loved how they felt and how they looked, which is also very rare.  The sunglasses came with me after the divorce, but met a tragic end at the hands of a certain 18-month baby girl.  Since that tragic day I have purchased numerous drug store sunglasses knowing I would lose them or they would meet with the same fate as my lovely Bolle pair.  I think it is now time I treat myself.  Well, not right now, but sometime soon.
  5. A laptop:  What's a bloggy, wanna-be photographer Mommy to do without a laptop?  If you really want to know, I will tell you because I don't have one.  I know, poor me!!
  6. Backpacks: This list item is plural for a reason.  I am planning on hiking New Hampshire's 4,000-footers, so I need some gear.  I also plan to do some family hiking.  This is where things start to feel so materialistic and frivolous to me.  I would like this REI Stoke 9 backpack for day hikes, like the ones behind our new house.  It is lightweight and would be perfect for when I can finally run again and start running the trails.  I would also like this Deuter pack for longer hikes, like a lot of the 4,000-footer hikes will be.  Good news is that I already have a backpacking pack for the overnight trips.  Then, of course, the kids will need packs too.  I thought Cameron would like this one in green and Olivia would like this one in purple.  This is the list item I am going to focus on now, as I want to get hiking NOW!
  7. iPod:  I have one, but it is time for a new one.  Mine is 10 years old and does not hold enough songs and it is not green.
  8. iPhone:  I know, I'm pushing it here.  For someone who dislikes being so "connected" to the world, why would I ever want one of those.  Plus, that commercial "if you don't have an iPhone, well, you don't have an iPhone" annoys me.  But for some reason, I really want an iPhone.  I will admit they are pretty cool.  I think I would even switch to AT&T :)
  9. Clipless Pedals: and some new shoes to go with them.  Both are at least 12 years old (again, from my first marriage).  I have not done research on the clips yet, so that link is just random.  If anyone rides and wants to give me advice on what to purchase, let me know!!
  10. This Dress: Because I would love to own a nice new dress and this one is so me!  I do like to feel feminine, and beautiful and sexy every once in a while, but I still want to feel like me.
That's it.  Ha ha!  Instant gratification is not my style.  These are all things I would love to have one day, but I don't ever buy anything without thinking about it first.  I know that these are all things that I want, but I also am realistic that my family cannot afford these things right now.  I am fine waiting.  I am very patient :)

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