Days 187-191 - June 5th through 9th

Day 187 - My Good Friend
This is my good friend, iPod.  I love my iPod.  Music makes me smile :)

Day 188 - Unsettled
We are still moving. It has been a long process. For the next couple of weeks we are staying at my parents house. Olivia sleeps on an air mattress next to me on the couch.

Day 189 - Time To Say Goodbye
This is my Deuter Kid Comfort I backpack that I have had for six years. I have carried five children in it (not all my own) but it is time to move on now. After this month I will not be watching children in my home and my two kids are way to big to be carried in this. It has been sold to someone who needs it :) 

Day 190 - Polka Dot and Plaid
They go so well together.

Day 191 - Spirit Week
This week is Spirit Week in Kindergarten. I loved Spirit Week when I was in school. I dressed up every day, not matter what. Guess what today was for Cameron? 


  1. Fun photos! I love the processing, the brightness and the feeling. Great job!

  2. Adorable! Love the spirit week shot! Good luck with the move!

  3. Cameron's birthday? If so, happy birthday to him!

    I really like the dark mood of the polka dot and plaid picture.

  4. Cute pictures! I'm going to guess Fiesta Day?

  5. where's danny?

  6. I so wish I could come help you unpack and get settled in. I for one know what a daunting task it is. I'm 80% of the way through my unpacking and totally ran out of steam. Thank goodness the things that are still in boxes are the things that have been in storage for 3 years, so I don't miss them and figure if I have to wait another couple of months to get to them, then that'll be just fine. Take care of yourself and don't forget to stop and have some fun every once in a while too. Unpacking can wait!

  7. I really like my ipod too but I also enjoy listening to audio books on it.


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