Day 166 and 167 - Happy Birthday Olivia

Today Olivia turned 4!  I cannot believe another year has passed.  She came into this world in a frenzy and it has been a whirlwind ever since.  We celebrated her birthday yesterday with dear friends and family.  A rained-out BBQ turned into a cozy indoor party.  It's a good thing we all love each other!  We had a no presents party, but no one listened which made Olivia very happy.  Her friend Jackson, whose parents listened to me, came over to me after the presents were opened with tears in his eyes.  "Excuse me Amanda, we did not bring a present for Olivia."  I said, "It's OK Jackson, you didn't have to.  Your present is just being here because Olivia really wants to play with you."  He smiled and walked away.  Too sweet.

 Olivia loves horses.  We invited some friends and all of her family to yesterday's party and another party we will be having in June at a horse farm.  My thought was that most people would come to one or the other, but everyone who was invited (for the most part) is coming to both.  Lucky Olivia!!

Today's photo is a shot of some flowers Olivia received for her birthday from her Aunt, Uncle and cousins.  Olivia loves flowers and she was so happy to receive them.  The other day she was talking about her dance recital that is coming up and remarked that when she was done people would throw flowers on stage.  I couldn't help but laugh.  The girl loves Angelina Ballerina and I had to break the news that nobody would be throwing flowers.  I will give her a bouquet though.


  1. These fowers are so pretty, and I LOVE those candles on the cupcake with the little horese looking on. That's creative! I also like the idea of the no gift party. I think parties are mostly overdone. The simplicity here is great.

  2. Beautiful pictures!! I love those candles! So cute. The flowers are gorgeous, too. Happy Birthday, Olivia!

  3. Love these. She looks so happy. Very cool candles and gorgeous flowers.

  4. They grow up so quickly. She adorable and what a lucky girl to have 2 parties with many people in attendance.

  5. The flowers are beautiful! Love those candles as well! Happy belated bday to her and mama-versary to you! ;-)


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