My Sweet Boy

I am so far behind in commenting and looking at other 365 blogs.  I have a ton of photos that I want to post of my beautiful family and our goings-on, but life just seems to take over.  Next week is school vacation and I don't watch other peoples kids on Monday and Tuesday.  Those two days just so happen to be my husband's days off, so I have a big date with my computer (and a couple of doctors, but that's a whole different story!)

First, Day 141:

Dance class was yesterday.  I thought I would have another really sweet photo of Olivia in her dance clothes, but Little Cameron comes to dance class too.  He spends the 30 minutes rolling on the floor, watching the girls dance and wishing he could join them, creeping on all the little sisters of the dancers, causing trouble and sitting in time out.  He's a sweet kid, and I love him like he is my own!

Then, Day 142:

Olivia is tired of me taking pictures of her.  Her new thing is to try to look as terrible as possible when I am taking pictures, but I still think she's cute.  Plus, this will be a great one to pull out and show her prom date, bwa-ha-ha-ha!

Last, for now:  My Sweet Boy

I found this when I was looking at my list of posts.  My sweet boy, Cameron.  I never got around to posting this back in March.  No time like the present!

I have so much to say about this kid that I am at a loss for words.  I find it so hard to express myself sometimes.  The other day (March 11, 2011)  I was helping Baby's mom to the car with all the baby stuff when out flies this kid in a ski helmet, winter boots and butterfly wings.  I laughed so hard I almost cried!  He just comes flying out of the house, runs around us and the car, and runs back inside the house.  The thing is, I knew exactly what he was doing.  One of his new favorite animals is the Draco Glider, a lizard he learned about on PBS.  When I saw him, I knew that is what he was trying to be.  So cute.

Cameron is such a funny kid.  Sensitive, kind, and oh so funny!


  1. Your post is so life as we know it right now; just when we think we have it all figured out, something comes along to turn it all upside down. Good thing we're mom's and can take it all for what it is and roll with the punches.

  2. Those wings are too cute. Funny boy! Olivia is a cutie. Two of my grandchildren who are siblings are Olivia and Cameron. have a good weekend. Happy easter!

  3. Love that last one-how creative of him! And I can totally relate to Olivia's photo. My boys try to do the same thing when they don't want to cooperate. Eventually they'll learn that I don't care if they're making horrible faces. I'm going to take and use the picture anyway!

  4. How funny! I love kids innocence.

    I'm finally able to catch up a bit now! So I know you feel about being behind on commenting!!

  5. i love the last shot...i have one similar of my two year old in purple fairy wings just because he thought they were pretty. another time he twirled around in circles yelling, "i'm the purple princess of the world!" hahah! i love what kiddos do! and yay for moms like us that let our boys do such things!


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