Day 132 - Olivia Time

Olivia and I got to enjoy quite a bit of one-on-one time today.  She is so much fun and she really keeps me on my toes.  Her new boundary tester this week is, when she does not like what I am saying, putting her hands over her ears and telling me she cannot hear me.  She is so me, it's not funny.  We are in trouble with this one!

Here we are together during nap time.  Olivia gave up naps around two.  I thought I would be upset about it.  For a lot of SAHMs I know, nap time is their saving grace.  It is their little glimpse of sanity during an otherwise chaotic and out of control day.  For me it was a couple hours to myself to do whatever I wanted.  When those hours were not happening, I thought I would go insane.  Not the case.  I really enjoy this one-on-one time that we would not get if she were napping.  Then there is the added bonus that my children are in bed and asleep on most nights before 6:30 p.m.!  Talk about some "me" time.

Today Olivia and I played her favorite game, Ear Tug.  She won all three games!  Helped that she was cheating (bottom right).  Caught ya, little girl!  Next time I will not be so forgiving ;)


  1. 6:30 bedtime!!! Lucky you! :) Those last few photos are so cute, especially the cheating photo. Great capture!

  2. I read stuff like this and it makes me realize my babies aren't babies anymore. Naps? 6:30 bedtimes? Waaah!

    Your children are so cute; the cheating photo is classic. LOL!

  3. My daughter gave up naps at 2 too. But none of my kids have ever gone to bed at 6:30. Lucky you! These are adorable.

  4. I bet she LOVES her time with her mommy. She is a very lucky girl to have you as her mom!

  5. That's great you have such a fun time together! My little girl is rarely taking a nap anymore...so we'll see what comes out of it, but she never goes to bed that early (I'm a little jealous!!) ;)

  6. No wonder you can never get a silhoutte shot! I love your perspective on the no nap thing; you are a good mama. Hugs to you.


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