Day 100 - Day 100!!

I am beyond thrilled that my day 100 falls on a Thursday so I can celebrate my 100th day with a Ten Things Thursday.  Seriously, 100 days!  I am so proud of myself that I have reached this milestone without any holes or fillers in my project, and that I have had a fantastic time doing it!  I think the key for keeping it fun has been not stressing out if my photo is not perfect.  That was never really the point of this project for me to begin with, anyway.  The point for me was to actually complete the 365 project, not a 250 project.  This brings me to my ten things.  In celebration of my 100th day milestone, here are ten things I have learned since starting my 365project.  (I stress "my" because I am acknowledging that everyone is doing this for their own reasons, and no one reason is the right reason)

Ten Things I Have Learned Because of 365
  1. Taking and posting a photo a day for 365 days is quite easy and fun, if you let it be.  I do not stress if one day out of every few, my photo is not up to my own personal standards for photography.  I let go of that worry the day I started.  I don't worry about what everyone else is doing, or that everyone else in my 365 community is taking "better" photos.  I just stick to my own personal goal and what works for me.  I make the "taking" easy by always bringing my camera everywhere I go!  I take the pressure off of posting by doing basic edits or posting SOOC.  As the project progressed, I found I manage my time better, take better photos, and process less anyway! 
  2. I really, really love photography.  I know, it's a given, and probably a little sappy, but I love photography more and more as the project progresses.  At day 96 I had my first feeling of disappointment or exhaustion for the project, and I think that is a tell that I am enjoying this immensely!
  3. I have a lot to learn, but I really want to learn a lot.  I realize this every single time I press the shutter release.  I know nothing in the grand scheme of things, but my mind is also taking everything in.  I am processing the things I see and read and hear at my own rate, and one of these days it will sink in.  
  4. 365project is like being in high school all over again.  Someone over at 365project actually posted a discussion about this.  I felt it, but I had not yet verbalized it. 
  5. There are no rules to 365.  This kind of goes back to what I said in #1, but it's a little different.  My 365 project is very broad.  I take mostly photos of my kids and objects, but my main objective is to complete the project without missing a day.  Some people have very specific projects such as self-portraits, macro, their other hobby, etc.  Some people use iPhones, some DSLRs, and some point and shoots.  All of the 365 projects are unique and fantastic.  Some people don't post every day, some people don't take photos every day.  To each their own.  No one is judging (if they are, they usually keep it to themselves, and if they don't, I just ignore them).
  6. Other 365ers are amazing!  I'm not talking about photography here, I am talking about the community itself.  Here in the blogosphere and over at 365project, I have "met" some amazing people.  We do not know each other, but we support each other.  I receive praise when I need it most, critique when it is asked for and smiles, laughter and inspiration every single day. 
  7. Some things will have to be sacrificed.  I watch much less TV now that I am doing 365.  I actually like the trade off.  Instead of sitting mindlessly in front of the television, I am doing something I love.  I am blessed to be able to stay home and take care of children all day, so I am rarely on the computer then (time with my children will never be sacrificed).  Yes, I know this is posted during the day, but that's because mine are at school and the others are asleep.  After the kids go to bed is when I usually upload and post.  Sometimes I will knit for a couple hours if I know I have an easy post (knitting will never be sacrificed).  Sometimes I'm done in record time so I can go be a couch potato instead.
  8. 365 can be a time suck if you let it.  There were a couple weeks where I was spending way too much time viewing other photos, reading discussions, commenting on discussions, commenting on photos, commenting on blogs and on and on.  I was starting to lose focus as to why I started this.  I think commenting on the photos of people you follow or who follow you is important, but some days I just have to skip it and not feel badly about it. 
  9. I do not need to spend any more money to take good photos.  I have a camera and a lens.  The photographer makes the photo, not the camera.  I definitely have wants in the form of a big long wish list, but I can do without them.  I have not taken a photo with anything except my 50mm in the past month!  I am going to learn as much as I can, improve as much as I can, before I spend any more money on things that really are not necessary to me as a photographer at this point.
  10. I will reach my goal!  Yup, at day 100 I am going to be so bold as to say that I will take and post one photo a day for 365 days without missing a single day.  And I will have fun doing it!!
Look, even little Cameron is excited for me!


    1. Congrats on reaching day 100! Love your list of 10. And Cameron is adorable :-)

    2. Congratulations, I am currently on day 70 and going strong. Let the festives begin!!

    3. Congratulations! I like all your thoughts on the 365, especially number 9. I keep telling myself that so that I don't get sucked into camera envy so much.

    4. Haha! Congrats fooor mamaaaa! :D

      Seriously though, great job! I've found it to be way more work than I thought, but I'm still really enjoying it. Can't wait til I reach 100 too.

    5. I'm celebrating with you and Cameron! :) Way to go, Amanda!!

    6. Happy 100th! Yay you're almost a third of the way there! He's so cute and so excited!!

    7. 100! Congratulations! Excellent list, Amanda! I am learning from your list- you articulated some things I have thought about and a couple I hadn't before. And oh my!- that Cameron is adorable!

    8. Congratulations! Way to go girl. I'm proud of you and I really loved your list. Great thoughts and great encouragement for those of us a few days behind you. Keep up the great work.

    9. Yippee! Great post i agree with your sentiments entirely :-)

    10. YAY!!!! Cameron is so cute! And way to go for making it to 100!! You've done such a fabulous job, I love looking at your pictures everyday, and I'm actually thinking about learning how to knit, now! ;)

    11. Amanda you're doing a GREAT JOB! I enjoy your blog and I love your list. Keep up the great work! :)

    12. You go girl! I'm inspired to make it to 100 next month!


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