Day 87 - Snowed In

Thank you to everyone who commented on yesterday's "Perfection" Cure post.  To know I am not alone was exactly what I needed.  I will not let this post be just a post, I have made the decision to cure myself of the disease by embracing my imperfections and continuing to be real to the world on a regular basis.

On to today.  We had another blizzard in New England.  Surprised?  I didn't think so.  My daughter is in NY with my parents visiting my brother and his family.  The hubby was at work, as usual, so it was just Cameron and I.  I wanted to do something special, so I invited us to his best friend's house.  Jaden's mother, Mary, is my friend, so it was just what we both needed.  We arrived when there were about three inches of snow, and when we left there must have been a foot.  We got stuck in the driveway and almost couldn't get into ours.  So when we got home, we stayed home.  

I took the opportunity to get caught up on my Etsy Shop.  I made these cute pilot caps a while ago, but since I don't have a baby I couldn't take the kind of photos I wanted so I could post them.  Today I decided to just use Olivia's doll.  I like the results, although a newborn would have been so much cuter!

I still have to post these to the shop, so I'm taking a break from blog comments and going to get something accomplished tonight.


  1. Cute hat. I learned to knit this winter using youtube videos. I have a whole new appreciation for handmade crafters. It took me two weeks to make a very simple scarf.

  2. I'd love to learn how to knit. I only cross-stitch and punch needle so far. One day I'd like to crochet too.

    Well you sound like you are feeling a little better. Be careful out there. :)

  3. This is too cute! I wish I had a 3 month old to stick it on. :)

    Oh and don't worry about making fun of my Twilight reading. It's okay, we all have that silly thing that we do. Some of my friends love to make fun of me! :)

  4. This hat is so cute. Thank you for posting about the perfection subject. You will never know how I needed that very thing today.

  5. Thank you for the inspiration to go ahead with my post yesterday. It's funny how things come along just when you need them, so I just wanted you to know I owe some strength to you!

  6. I love this hat!! I too wish I had a baby to wear it! Glad you managed to get back home safely...stay warm!


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