Day 77 - joy of LOVE~Day 15, Kisses

No hubby around to smooch today, same as yesterday.  Poor me :(  I thought he might frown upon my staging the photo with a stranger, so I decided to photograph these two loving each other instead. 

Sydney was playing hard to get with Cameron this morning, but she eventually came around.  All I had to do was give Cameron a sundrop (all-natural version of an M&M) and she couldn't stop loving him!  You wouldn't believe the mess that one sundrop can make on this child's face!!

Oh and yeah for me for posting before 11 p.m.


  1. So cute, I love the bottom two! Sundrops, I may have to look for those!!

  2. That sloppy puppy kiss in the last one is great.

  3. I love how you told this story in a collage, and the photos are fantastic. I could just feel that slurpy tongue on his face!

  4. i love everything about this collage!

  5. Bummer to not have your husband around:(

    But very cute picture in his stead!

  6. awww...there's nothing like slobbery dog kisses.


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