Day 75 - She's Mine

On a scale from one to ten, today was a 10 as far as family time and outdoor fun is concerned.  On the same scale today was a one for photography.  If I was in school I would have received a barely passing D-.  I spent two days at the sled dog race and I am not happy with a single photo.  I'm not sure what I am doing wrong.  I should have gone to the Ice Fishing Derby, I think it's more my speed ;)  I do have a very cheap zoom lens and I don't think it is fast enough for the shots I was trying to capture.  Every shot was blurred, even on 1/2000 shutter speed.  Oh well!  Live and learn.  At least I take OK photos of my kids!  I will post some sled dog photos tomorrow, but tonight I cannot bear to look at them for another moment.  Instead I will look at this beautiful face, count my blessings, be happy with all the joy in my life and be thankful that she is mine.


  1. Love the hair! It's perfectly placed. :)

  2. Oh! I'm so bummed for you. I understand your frustration completely. I want to take indoor shots of my family during special occasions and they NEVER turn out the way I hoped or envisioned. It all just happens too fast around me to capture it well.


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