Day 69 - Everything

Thank you all so much for your kind comments on yesterday's post.  I have not had time to reply to each of you personally, and I apologize.  I haven't even looked at any of your blogs today, and I am feeling guilty about that.  I appreciate all of your advice and support and I know how important it is to tell you that!  I promise to get to it in the morning, but right now I just want to get this done and go to bed!

the joy of LOVE's photo assignment today was "Generations".  My parents live across the street, but for some reason I could not get a photo of my kids with my parents today.  It just was not in the cards.  When my Dad was here, it just felt forced and I knew that would show in the photo.  My kids have an amazing bond with my parents.  Not just because they live across the street, we are just a very close family.  This makes me happy.  My son and my Dad are connected in ways that I just cannot connect.  My Mom and my daughter adore each other.  I'm so sorry I could not capture this for you today.  

So, instead I decided to look through old photos and came across this one that definitely fits the theme.  This is my Nana with my two kids.  My Nana, or Nana 2 as my son called her, passed away over a year and a half ago.  She is missed by all who loved her.

During my search I came across this gem.  I know it doesn't fit any of our themes at all, but this is my brother, Wit, who is serving in the Army and is deployed in Iraq.  We also miss him very much.  My kids adore him.  Thank God for the person who invented Skype!

OK, that was a wonderful trip down memory lane!  I did in fact take photos today.  Lots and lots of them.  I started my day volunteering in Cameron's classroom.  I volunteer every other Monday and it is a lot of fun!  I have never taken photos there, so I thought today would be a good day to start. 

Later, Olivia and I spent some time outside photographing icicle drips.  It was difficult, time consuming and the end result was disappointing :(  I just cannot seem to get the focus crisp and it bothers me a lot.  The top photo is the original and the bottom is black and white. 

Then, I took photos of my children playing.  We were all playing hide and seek together.  When the game brought us into Olivia's room she found her butterfly wings.  They both had them on.  I was snapping photos of Olivia because I had just put her hair up and thought it was adorable.  Off to my left I heard a little boy's voice say, "Don't take a picture of me."  I look over and he pretends to hide, then puts on this giant grin!  Too funny!  

 Tell me, does he look like someone who doesn't want his photo taken?  And don't get me started on my silly daughter.  She's just Olivia being Olivia!

After that it was music time.  The kids love to play our little synthesizer piano and I really needed to practice my trumpet.  I'm playing in a brass choir and I think in some sort of duet on Easter Sunday in my church.  I am way over my head!  I haven't played trumpet since Junior year of high school!  Here's a little trumpet bokeh for you anyway!

And, it is Monday, so it is weekly menu time.  Sorry for putting this all in one post, but I am tired and short on patience tonight.  If you do not care what my family is eating this week, you can stop reading now.  I promise, you won't miss any of my awesomeness ;)

This weekend I participated in a soup swap, so this week's meals are so easy for me.  Barely any cooking besides the side dishes!

  • Monday - Tonight we had corn chowder, crusty bread and asparagus
  • Tuesday - Spicy chicken soup, crusty bread and quinoa salad
  • Wednesday - Black bean soup (I think), carrot salad and crusty bread
  • Thursday - Chicken tortilla soup, green salad, crusty bread
  • Friday - Pizza night!
  • Saturday - Brinner (there will be no leftovers, I'm sure!)
  • Sunday - Local pot roast in the crockpot with root veggies and rice pilaf (homemade)

That's it!  The only days I have to cook are Saturday and Sunday, and they are EASY!  Thanks for the soup ladies!

Nighty night!  Looking forward to tomorrow's challenge.  It really has me thinking!


  1. I was reading your post as your comment came in and my first thought when I saw your Nana with the kids was thank goodness she has that picture. I'm always snapping pictures here and there, but never realized how treasured they'd be after that person was gone. I was also thrilled to hear that your parents live across the street. My Mom lived two blocks away and she and my daughter were thick as thieves...there is nothing quite like the love between kids and their close grandparents. Enjoyed reading about your day, and your menu this week sounds devine!

  2. I posted a photo I took in 2010 for today's post and I choose not to feel guilty. Your generations photo is SO precious. I can tell Nana was a very special lady.

  3. These are all fantastic, even the water drips!! It's so great you can Skype with your brother, I bet he appreciates that!! I love the pictures of the kids playing with their wings, they are so clear and sharp!!

  4. Remember to take joy and be grateful for what you have. No guilt! How lucky you are to have those photos in your library! Lots of love...and good work continuing with the menu planning! :-)

  5. Love these.. you took lots of pictures yesterday! :)

  6. @Kimberley Thanks! No guilt here, per usual :) I'm a happy Mama who is thankful for all the joys in my life!

    @Kristin It's awesome having my parents across the street, but sadly, we are moving in June. But only an hour away!!

    @Chelsea Thank you so much! We miss my brother, but he is doing well.

    @Kara (I can e-mail you directly to thank you :)

  7. I love the pictures of the water/icicle drops - so neat. I think they look great!

    The kids with the wings are too cute. Love their smiles!!

    Beautiful family photos too.. so important to have these for memories! ♥

  8. Love them all. Wonderful photos. :)

  9. I really like the picture of the icicle droplet! The original is the best, I think, because the blue hue fits so well with the ice.

    I'm with you, though - oftentimes I'm disappointed because I was hoping for my photos to look my more crisp than they turned out looking. I think it will come for us, though, if we continue to practice:)

  10. Great post again! Love your family shots very much. Your soup dinners sound YUM!

  11. The icicle drips are great. I know we are our harshest critics, but I think they turned out really nicely.

    Your kiddos are adorable in that collage. They look so happy! :)


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