Day 68 AND Who Do They LOVE? - joy of LOVE~Day Six

Olivia loves everyone.  In fact, every night she lists all the people she loves.  She never leaves out anyone and everyday she adds someone new.  I would have taken a photo of Olivia with my parents, who she adores, but knowing that tomorrow is "Generations", I chose to photograph Olivia with our dog, Sydney.  

I wish Sydney was a little more in focus, but I do love the light on Olivia's face and the catch lights in their eyes!


And here is my 365 photo.  I have been enjoying seeing before and after edit photos on other 365 blogs, so I thought I would do one myself for Day 68.

We had a little ice storm in NH last night.  I was driving home from my friend Michele's house while it was going on, and at the time I was cursing the storm.  But this morning, all I had was love for the wintery mix!

SOOC: 1/1600; f5.6; ISO low; 195mm
Boosted the saturation in iPhoto, and sharpened it just a touch.
I know, nothing major, but what do you think?

Before I bid you goodnight, a funny Olivia story.  While I was getting her into her pajamas she says, "First I have to eat my yummy supper!"  When I look up, she is picking her nose and eating it.  Gross!
Now, I am off to the living room for a Superbowl slumber party date with my kiddos.  Popcorn and mint chocolate chip ice cream!


  1. You can just feel the love Olivia has for Sydney in this photo. What a sweetheart she is! I found your comment about cursing something and then finding the beauty in it wonderful because since starting this project I've found I'm looking at a lot of things differently in my life and embracing them instead of fighting them or overlooking them, so good for you for finding beauty in the moment. Nice shot too and I like your edit, simple yet striking.

  2. I really like the edit you did on the picture. It was just enough of a color pop to make a difference. BTW, love the booger story. She sounds like a trip!

  3. Super sweet photo of Olivia and Sydney. Love your before and after too :-)

  4. I like the editing on the second photo as well. It looks great! I love how it brought out the blue in the background. Your little girl is too cute with the dog. Great job!!

  5. Love the before and after. It's the perfect edit, just enough to enhance the picture beautifully!

  6. The picture of Olivia and Sydney is just so cute!! And I love your edit, it really brings out the colors in the sky and leaves! Great work!!

  7. HaHa - that is so funny and gross!

    I like your before&after! The after looks more defined, so I say good job!

    Your daughter's smile is precious in the first photo.

  8. Great edit. Too funny about Olivia. ha ha.

  9. That first shot is too adorable. lol bout her supper!!! Kids! :-)


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