Day 46 - Cammo Party

Today we had Cameron's birthday party for all of his school friends, cousins and close friends.  We had the party at the Kellerhaus, a local MYO ice cream sundae shop.

Instead of gifts, Cameron collected donations to create care packages for our soldiers serving overseas.  My brother, Cameron's Uncle Wit, is deployed in Iraq right now.  Cameron was proud to do this for his uncle and all of the other soldiers he is serving with.  I was surprised at the generosity of all of Cameron's party guests.  I really pictured each child bringing one or two items to donate, but each child brought a giant bag of stuff.  All of the parents commented hos great it was that Cameron was doing this.  One of our friends told me it was a great experience for her son to choose items and also for her to be able to talk about the war, which they had not done yet.  Look at all the stuff!  That is a standard size laundry basket, filled to capacity, surrounded by giant bags of stuff.  We have enough stuff to make at least 20 care packages.  

Cameron wanted an Iron Man cake, but they did not have that at Market Basket.  To go with our collection we decided on a camouflage theme.  It was tricky because we couldn't see the cake!  Hardy har har!

Cameron had such a fun day with his friends! Oh, and he has his first loose tooth.  I cried.


  1. Oh wow! What a sweet little boy you have! What a great idea! I hope he had a great birthday!

  2. It was a lovely party...sorry we had to leave a little early...Mia slept all afternoon!

    A loose tooth! Can it be already? *sigh* the "tooth fairy" better get ready!!!

  3. This is so great! How neat for all of these kids to be a part of something so fulfilling! I am so glad you captured this and shared it! Love it!


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