Day 38 - So Silly!

The first time I ever heard of Silly Bandz was an article I read in the newspaper about schools banning them.  Silly Bandz were being banned because kids were trading them and it was becoming distracting.  They were also a health risk, as some kids were wearing them all the way up their arms and cutting off the blood circulation.  Crazy!  So when I first heard of Silly Bandz, my first reaction was, "Never!"  Not in my house.  For those who know me, I strive to be a conscious consumer.  My kids understand that we prefer toys of handmade quality.  Our toy consumption is very limited!!  

Well, it begins with one.  Cameron got a Silly Band from a school friend.  Now I am pulling them out of the drain, my shoes, my hair... Silly Bandz!  I rue the day you were invented.  

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  1. I concur. Silly Bandz make ms CRAZY. My kids have them (interestingly enough, they were introduced to them by someone else's kid handing some over to us LOL). They are ALL OVER my house. I'm at the point now where I just toss them. I really don't like to just do that, but I fell that "blessing" someone else might not be such a great idea either, haha!

    Anyhow, I found your blog at Click It Up a Notch. Your photos are great!! :)


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