Day 36 - Ballet Sweater

I thought I took some better photos today, but I don't like how anything turned out.  The purpose of this photo was really just to show Olivia's completed ballet sweater.  It took me three days to knit and I'm pretty proud of it, but I could take a better photo.  Maybe tomorrow I'll have her dress up and try again.  So here is the sweater.  Knitting Pure and Simple pattern knit with Plymouth Yarns alpaca silk blend.  I love it!

Project 365 is going very well for me.  I cannot believe I have made it 36 days straight.  I have not yet felt like giving up, although there have been days when I have forgotten to take out my camera and then have to come up with something at the 11th hour.  But I have started taking my camera every where I go, and that has seemed to help.  I am enjoying other 365 blogs and the 365Project community I have joined.  If anything, this project is showing me how fast time passes!


  1. What an adorable sweater!! Oh my! Do you sell these?? I would totally order one :O) We do ballet and gymnastics and it would be perfect :O) I'm so glad you linked up with my blog so I can follow along the rest of your journey :O) Thanks also for putting my button on your blog! I'm honored :O)

  2. This is my second year doing a 365 and it was really nice to look through the photos at the end of the year and see where we had been. It is crazy how fast the kids grow in a year!

    Love the sweater. I tried that whole knitting thing once, and I suck at it :)

  3. Gorgeous (child & sweater!) I love Knitting Pure & Simple patterns. They are my fave (even when they sit on the needles for 7 months!!!)

  4. I've been thinking about trying a ballet sweater for Ana, but hadn't found a pattern yet. Maybe I'll seek this one out! I went to Charlotte's Web in Exeter to look for KPS patterns and they didn't have much of anything, arrgh! I bought the infant hat, mitten and booties, but I was really looking for the rollneck sweater. Where do you get all your patterns? Anyways, the sweater is gorgeous (as is Olivia, of course!)

  5. Thanks ladies! Courtney, stay tuned for my Etsy shop coming soon. I will definitely post them there!

    Cammie, try Elegent Ewe in Concord. They have a great selection of yarns and patterns.

    Again, thank you all for your compliments and encouragement. It means a lot to me!

  6. Wow! That's such a nice sweater! I will be staying tune for a etsy shop. My daughter is a little young, but I would totally get one early for when she does get into ballet! Absolutely love it!

  7. how wonderful, bet she likes it even more since her mom made it

  8. Wow, three days, you're a rock star! Thanks for linking up with me. I'm so happy there are such fantastic people to join along in our 365 days! ;)

  9. Lovely sweater and an even lovelier little girl! I started that today, too. Where I go my camera goes. I'm sure to really drive my kiddos crazy! :)

    Happy Friday!


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