Day 35 - My Friend

Today was a most excellent day!  I spent some time with my dear friend Kim who was home with her injured daughter (a fat lip from a fall, jut awful!)  We got to chat, mostly uninterrupted, for most of the morning.  It was great to talk.  She had sensed something was bothering me and asked me about it.  I'm the type of person who does not share unless asked.  Not a great quality, but I am thankful for my friends who ask.

I brought my knitting.  Typical for me.  I bring it almost everywhere.  The only place I have yet to bring it is to church.  I'm pretty sure God wouldn't mind... While we were chatting, her cute little pup, Charlie, had taken it upon himself to get into my knitting bag.  Before we realized it he had chewed the top off of one of my #9 double points, put teeth marks in two others, dropped some stitches and tangled up my ball of yarn.  I think Kim felt badly about it, but I thought it was rather amusing.

While I was knitting Kim decided it would be a great time to get her project out that she had put down and not touched for about three months.  She blogged about wanting to start to knit again, and today she did.  I was so happy I was there to capture the moment and include her as part of my 365Project!


  1. I love this photo. Gorgeous! I want to learn to knit.

  2. So sweet! It was so great to have a chance to catch up...so glad I picked up my knitting again! I love the shot, good work! (my hands look fab-u-lous!) Also love my bathrobe! ha!

  3. What a great photo and what an awesome friend. Everyone needs a friends that will ask what's wrong. On a side note your friends hands are so nice...her nails are done. I don't know if I would want someone to take a picture of my hands. :)


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