365 - Build Them Up, Knock Them Down

Day 3

This is the new activity in our house.  Well, new old activity because these blocks were a gift from my brother Nate and sister-in-law Jennifer for Cameron's first birthday.  They got these blocks during their travels out west.  When you build the tower in order it makes a giant red wood tree.  These have been a favorite of mine the kids for almost 6 years!  Now they have found a new fan in Little Cameron!  Olivia builds the blocks while he waits on the stairs.  Then she says, "OK" and he comes running to kick them down.  This keeps them entertained for at least 30 minutes!

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  1. Ha, we had a similar set that lasted from Ariana's youth (10 years ago) but have recently started to fall apart. She will actually still build them when she sees them sitting around.


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